Company type: limited liability company, sole founder and shareholder is Mother company

Headquarters: J.B. Jelačića 9, 31 550 Valpovo, CROATIA

Main business activities:

- production of plastic products
- wholesale and retail of chemical products
- retail in nonspecialised shops

Production capacity: 450 tons/year

Number of employees: 79

Koplast has been engaged in plastics processing since 1969. During the period it gained significant experience resulting in wide range of products: sprayers in various sizes which are universal devices for diversified purposes, watering sets, various nozzles and plastic containers manufactured by technology of blowing process. KOPLAST is the largest and the most important producer of plastic products in Croatia.

KOPLAST´s products having good name and acknowledged quality have proved to be competitive in domestic and external markets. They are exported successfully to Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Bosna and Herzegovina.